Here at Flippa we’re constantly chatting with you, our customers, and one question that has been coming up recently is, what info should I include on my App listing?

Apps are an emerging market and there’s a lot of potential for buyers if they know what to look for.

While there’s no doubt that the more details you include the better, there’s one thing above all that our buyers want to see and that’s verified performance and revenue data.

There are a number of tools out there which will help you track your Apps performance, to get started here are a few of the more commonly used and a bit about them;

  • Flurry, free at any scale and widely used internationally
  • App Annie, free and subscription model with a wide range of analytic options available
  • Google Analytics for Mobile, free and includes Google Play Integration which will show you what brought users to your Android app
  • iOS App Analytics, free and requires zero technical integration on iOS apps. New features include daily app crash data

Once you have your performance analytics in place, the information that will be of most interest to buyers include;

  • Usage and downloads; monthly download data and app ranking
  • Revenue; including app sales and in-app purchases where applicable
  • Retention; how often users are coming back to your app
  • Locality of users; most tools will be able to break out data use by country so buyers can see where your app is most popular
  • App health if available i.e daily crashes

By including this data it shows buyer’s exactly what kind of opportunity they’re purchasing and saves time for both buyer and seller by including it upfront.

We’ll be working on getting verified app analytics included in the sell process, but to get this information in front of potential buyers right now there are two options we recommend;

  1. Do a video walkthrough for your prospective buyers and either upload as an attachment or show them the details in real time. We’ve got more information on how to do this in our support page here
  2. Include PDFs/screenshots or other documentation from your analytics tool and upload these as attachments to the listing. You can attach screenshots once your listing has launched from within the listing detail page

If you are sitting on an app and thinking of selling you’re in the right place, Flippa has more apps for sale and interested buyers than anywhere else, and even better they’re free to list!

If you are thinking about purchasing an App, ask the seller to take you for a video walkthrough or upload documentation from their analytics tool so you have the numbers to purchase with confidence.

Another tip; whether you are buying or selling we recommend jumping on a quick skype call with any interested parties, it’s important to find someone you’re happy to work with during the course of the sale and after!