Centurica Due Diligence Services

Flippa has teamed up with Centurica to provide premier, independent due diligence services for buyers and sellers! Since starting in 2013, Centurica quickly became the industry leader for due diligence and has been trusted with performing due diligence on over $100 million in businesses.

Whether you’re buying or selling an online business, a due diligence report can provide a buyer with the assurances they need to place their first bid.

Find out which service might be right for you!


Pre-Offer Business Assessment

Interested in an asset but want an independent source to verify all claimed information? Centurica’s Pre-Offer Assessment is set-up to give you all the information up front and before you place a bid or sign an LOI. In addition, each Pre-Offer Assessment comes with a complimentary business valuation so you don’t have to worry about overpaying.


Live Revenue, Traffic, and Operations Verification Report

Once you’ve won an auction, buyers have a due diligence grace period to verify the legitimacy of the assets. During this phase, Centurica will work directly with the seller to ensure that all information was reported accurately.


Premium Due Diligence Package

Recommended only for six and seven figure businesses, this is the complete due diligence package which includes a live Centurica advisor and a full team helping ensure a successful transition. Centurica will also provide several recommendations on how to grow the business so you can maximize the return on your latest investment.


Seller’s Complete Due Diligence Package

Exclusive to Flippa, this package is designed for sellers to get a full report on their own website, allowing buyers to get a look under-the-hood before they place a bid. By providing an up-front due diligence report from an independent party, buyers will see how transparent and open you are and will be more inclined to trust the listing. And believe us, honesty always pays off.

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