How to Grow Your eBay Storefront

Whether you’ve been operating an eBay storefront for a few days or a few years, there is always more to learn on how to grow your eBay storefront. Whether it’s through online communities, utilizing software, taking an online course (or all of the above), each option will help you maximize both productivity and profitability so you can work less and earn more!

Join a Community or Online Forum

There’s no better place to learn from and ask questions than among your peers, which is why joining a community or online forum is vital to growing your eBay storefront. There are hundreds of communities out there determined on helping all eBay sellers, but just a few have both the reputation and the results, and we’ve narrowed down some of the top communities down.

Camp eBay Thrifters – With 23,000 members and growing, Camp eBay Thrifters is one of the largest FB groups for eBay sellers. Their mission is to share experiences and offer both suggestions and solutions for experienced eBay veterans and beginners alike.

Nothing but eBay Stores – One of the more lucrative groups, Nothing but eBay Stores strives on being open and honest while helping others maximize their stores potential. This group may have only 4,500 members but has an extremely active, dedicated, and experienced community.

r/ebayselleradvice – If Reddit is you’re preferred format, then r/ebayselleradvice should be your first stop as it contains several years of questions, answers, and more.

eBay Community – This might seem like the most obvious spot, but it’s importance is often overlooked. For starters, they feature all their announcements on all policy and product updates, so you can stay on top of all updates that may affect your listings. Beyond that, they have an extensive forum and large community eager to help out, and an extensive list of tips & tools and resources to grow your eBay storefront.

eBay Dropshipping Experts – If your eBay business model revolves around drop shipping items, look no further than this group. Started just a few months ago, eBay Dropshipping Experts now has 1,200 members, with half of them joining in the last month alone!

eBay Sellers Anonymous – Like eBay Dropshipping Experts, this tightknit community was formed just a few months ago, and has already seen incredible growth. If you’re looking to join a growing community – check them out!

Let Software do the Heavy Lifting

Software is one of the easiest ways to reduce workload to focus on what matters: sales. Check out some of the top tools so you can increase productivity while decreasing your time spent working on the business.

Crazy Lister
If you’re selling more than a dozen products, Crazy Lister is probably the tool for you. What separates Crazy Lister from the competition is that the founder has been in your shoes. They started at $0, and grew a business selling $100,000 monthly revenue! They now over 100,000 businesses sell on eBay, a powerful testament to their product. What makes the program so special, is the ability to easily create, launch, end, and save old listings at a moments notice. Not only that, but they plan to add some amazing features, like bulk listing management and being able to schedule listings. You can view a full list of their features here.

While most tools focus on specifically helping you grow your eBay store, X-Cart is unique in that it helps you grow not only your storefront but also helps you expand into selling on multiple channels like Amazon and even helping you build your own custom website! With X-Cart’s eBay integration, you can manage all your product listings and orders, while also having the ability to sync orders across all eBay stores (US, UK, Australia, and more). Learn more about their eBay integration here!

If you’re looking for more tips, X-Cart also has an excellent guide to selling on eBay that is worth checking out.

Take an Online Course

If you’ve been focusing too hard on your business to start learning how to grow it, it’s probably time to take a step back and go through an online course. Online courses are great from starting at the basics and growing your knowledge from there. While there are a bunch of great places, Udemy arguably has the best selection of high-quality courses.

Depending on what you’re aiming to learn, here are the top courses available:

  1. The Complete eBay Course from Beginner to Advanced (4.4-Star Rating from 856 Reviews)
  2. eBay Dropshipping Academy: Ultimate Arbitrage Mastery Course (4.4 from 334 Reviews)
  3. 2018 eBay Business – Powerseller Selling Secrets, SEO, Hacks (4.4 from 209 Reviews)

Looking for more courses that fit your need? Check out more Udemy courses, or head over to Lynda.com or Skillshare!

This post was written by Chris Holle, Flippa’s Marketing Specialist for online businesses.