Advantages of Monetizing with Google AdSense

In the ten years of being the largest online business marketplace, we’ve helped countless entrepreneurs buy and sell their ream websites. From traditional content websites to Amazon FBA businesses, it is fair to say we have seen some interesting business models. But one model has always remained desirable: Google AdSense.

Content sites monetized with Google AdSense are more desirable than, say, an eCommerce site, due to the fact that there is no inventory to manage, they’re easy to operate, and (for users on Flippa,) they’re easy to transfer. In fact, content sites monetized with Google AdSense sell for a higher value (20-30% more), compared to websites with other monetization methods.

So what makes AdSense sites have more value than other online businesses sold on Flippa?

Advantages of Google AdSense

The advantages of AdSense are limitless, but for the sake of this article we will focus on 3 main aspects:

Ease of Set-up
From the time you submit your application to when you can start placing ads and earning money, can be accomplished in just 24-48 hours.

Excellent Payment System
From the payout amount on a CPC basis to the time you get paid, you can always expect Google to be generous with their amounts and on-time with all their payments. From the moment you place your first ads, the Google AdSense analytics dashboard will track in real-time the amount of clicks and the amount of revenue generated.

Quality of Ads
Have you ever Googled something, only to see an ad for that topic just a few minutes later? That’s no coincidence. When it comes to Google’s ad targeting, no other service can come close to serving the right ads as Google. Search Engine Land reports that Google controls 65% of all online search.

Even if you operate an eCommerce or affiliate site, using Google AdSense can be an excellent way to generate extra revenue. Importantly, many of the top sites sold on Flippa utilize more than one monetization method.

How much can I make from Google AdSense?

While there is no definitive way to lock down just how much you will be earning each month, we do recommend you check out our Google AdSense calculator built by Google, which gives a very close estimate on how much you will earn from Google AdSense in a given month.

How to Install AdSense

Once you have decided to get AdSense installed on your website, your first steps are to get your account approved.

You can get started here.

Once your application is submitted, you will be instructed to put an AdSense code on your site, where Google will crawl your site to make sure it complies with their terms of service.

Once Google has looked over your site, you will be given a temporary approval, where you can immediately start placing ads and earning money!

From there, a manual approval process will be completed by a Google employee within a week, where you are then good to go!

Now that you’ve been approved and have ads placed on your site, your next step is optimizing the ad types and placements. To help you get started, here are the Top 6 WordPress Plugins for AdSense Users.

“Adsense is one of my favourite ad networks, mainly because it is so easy to use and is trusted by everyone, most especially website buyers. They do 95% of the hard work for you, and you can literally just set and forget, knowing that Adsense will find the best advertisements for your audience. I have been using them for years and I plan to continue using them for many more years to come.”

Flippa Premium Seller and Online Business Enrepreneur