5 Do’s & Don’ts for Flippa Buyers


DO ask the seller for any missing information and/or to clarify any questions you have prior to bidding.

DO spend time on the website before bidding. Make sure it functions correctly and the content is quality.

DO conduct due diligence prior to placing a bid/offer/bin. Use our Buyer Due Diligence checklist to help.

DO use Flippa Payments where available. This will protect your payment until all promised assets are delivered.

DO decide on a sales agreement prior to purchasing a business. Clear and transparent communication with the seller is key to a successful transaction.


DON’T let your business slip away. Click the “watch” button on listing to be notified of changes throughout the auction.

DON’T take the conversation with Seller off platform. Flippa won’t be able to protect you from activity that occurs outside of the marketplace.

DON’T bid on listings with very brief and unhelpful descriptions. A quality listing will have as much helpful information as possible, as this means the seller is selling a quality asset.

DON’T leave questions unanswered. It’s up to you to verify claims made by the Seller. Ask as many questions as you need and reach out to the Flippa team for guidance.

DON’T take payment off of the platform. Use Flippa Payment services where your payment is collected, held, and only released once both parties are satisfied

For more information check out our Buyers Help page