What is the Flippa Broker Program?

It’s mutually beneficial way to bring more high-end buyers to high-end sellers, and vice versa. We’re teaming up with an exclusive group of Brokers to expand our pool of high value listings, increase exposure for third party brokers, and ultimately provide both parties with increased opportunities for success.

The program has been setup as a two-way referral process; giving Brokers unlimited access to Flippa buyers, dedicated promotion of listings & deep discounts on success fees, while Flippa gains more valuable listings for its high-end buyers.

How it Works

Sign Up

1. Sign Up

Broker & Flippa agree to join forces.

Broker badge

2. Broker badge awarded

A badge is added to the Broker’s account to identify the listings as credible, valuable, & having passed due diligence.


3. Broker adds listings

Brokers receive discounted success fees to list freely on the marketplace. Flippa experts are on hand to provide advice on listing performance, valuations & promotions.


4. Flippa promotes listings

Flippa markets the listings through exclusive channels – on-platform & off. Includes dedicated newsletters, external sites, PR mentions & more.


5. Broker negotiates

Broker begin talks with interested buyers and handle all negotiations between buyer & seller privately


6. Success

Payment completed through Flippa Escrow. Happy buyer & happy seller. Flippa showcases the outcome to its audience, and repeat.

Sneak peek at benefits


Heavily discounted success fees


Targeted advertising to Flippa’s high-end audience


Free promotion on classified sites


Free PR exposure for sales over $1m

Why broker with Flippa?

“Even early in life I knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, I loved numbers and finances, and was always fascinated with businesses and wanted to learn how they operated…” Read full story

Super Seller turned broker

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