Whether you’re buying or selling an iOS app, it’s important to understand the process of how to transfer ownership of an iOS app. As with transferring websites, it’s not a one-click solution. That said, it can be done rather quickly if you know how to do it.

While there are several ways to transfer ownership of an iOS app, we’re going to stick with the most commonly used option: Transferring ownership through iTunes Connect. The reason we’re choosing this option is that it is the simplest, safest, and most popular way of transferring ownership of an iOS app.

Step 1: Find out if the app can be transferred.

This will not affect 99% of people buying or selling iOS apps, but it is important to always verify this step before listing your app for sale or bidding on an app on Flippa. For apps to be transferable, they must meet several criteria, including:

  • Your account cannot be in a change or pending state (applies to both transferor and recipient accounts)
  • No versions of the app can use iCloud or Passbook entitlements
  • App must have one version released on the App Store

You can view the full list of criteria here: https://help.apple.com/itunes-connect/developer/#/devaf27784ff

Step 2: Initiate Transfer

Before starting this step, please make sure to obtain both the Apple and Team ID of the recipient.

To begin the transfer, start by going to the iTunes Connect homepage, then click on My Apps.

Once here, select the app you would like to transfer, then scroll to the additional information section. Now, select transfer app and click on Done.

You will then be prompted to enter the Apple ID and Team ID of the recipient. Once that info is entered in, click Continue, then agree to the Terms of Service and select Request Transfer.

Apple states that “After you initiate the transfer, the app stays in its previous status, with the Pending App Transfer status added, until the recipient accepts it. While the app is in this state, you (the transferor) can’t edit the app metadata, rights, pricing, and in-app purchases. Any open communications in the Resolution Center are closed. If the app is part of a Game Center group, the recipient can’t make changes to the group.”

Step 3: Accept Transfer

The recipient must now sign into iTunes Connect, where they should see a notice indicating there is a pending app transfer to their account.

To accept the transfer, go to the Agreements, Tax, and Banking page. Find the Transfer Agreement section and click review next to the app that was sent over. This will then have you enter new metadata, such as support URL, atom feed URL, marketing URL, and more.

Once the information has been entered, click Select.

Note: The recipient has 60 days to accept the transfer. Once approved, it may take up to two days before the account is under their control.

If you have any questions, you can learn more by reading Apple’s own guide to the matter: https://help.apple.com/itunes-connect/developer/#/deved688524f

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