What is Account Management?

Account management at Flippa is our way of helping sellers find the right buyers. Our team of account managers work directly with our users to ensure that they have the best chance of selling their website.

If you’re looking to sell a website, app, Amazon FBA business, or Shopify store on Flippa, our Account Management team will be there to help you close the deal.

Account Management Qualification

For starters, nearly all assets managed through Account Management end up being promoted through Editors’ Choice on Flippa. Typically, these are high-quality, stable, and profitable businesses.

To get an idea for what kind of businesses we represent it is recommended that those who are interested take a quick browse through Editors’ Choice section.


The benefits of using an account manager is that an account manager will work with you throughout each step of the process. If you are working with our team, you can expect to have an Account Manager assist you through every step of the sale.

Our team will help you:

  • Value the business and come up with realistic pricing expectations
  • Prepare your listing for sale and make it appealing to potential buyers
  • Optimize your listing so you get the best results on Flippa
  • Market your business through qualified 3rd-party buyer networks
  • Answer any questions you have throughout the auction process
  • Negotiate terms with potential buyers
  • Through the closing and escrow process to ensure a smooth transition

Interested in using our account management services?